• RM249.00 MYR

Our Professional Designers can Photo Edit Anything you need. Choose one of the services below. We also provide UNLIMITED revisions until SATISFIED.

We provide the following services :

  1. Photo Realistic Retouching and Enhancing
  2. Fashion Correction
  3. Whitening Teeth
  4. Body Shaping
  5. Adjusting Posture
  6. Enhancing/Adjusting Color, Contrast, Lighting
  7. Removing/Adding people, objects, effects, etc.
  8. Background Removal/Editing
  9. Removing Skin Imperfections, Pimples, tattoo, Scars, etc.
  10. Photos/Images Re-sizing 
  11. Editing documents(Not legal documents)
  12. Photo manipulation (Swap Heads) 


Please send the order/request to and include the details below :

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Phone Number
  3. Your Address
  4. Your Company
  5. Your Design Request(Please give us the details and reference for the design you requested) 


  1. Micheal Keegan
  2. 011-623 5812
  3. Apt 23, Block 16, Taman Permaisuri, 40000, Kedah, Malaysia
  4. The Country Coffee Restaurant
  5. Premium Logo Design - I would like the logo to have coffee beans coming out of a cup with the slogan "Taste like Countryside". Color can be according to the designer.Google Reference for logo (